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Henna, a natural hair colourant

Henna information

The possitive qualities and the benefits of using henna

Chemical-based hair dyes often have an ill effect on your hair. They damage it by causing dull, lifeless hair and split ends. Henna on the other hand is very healthy for your hair. It works by coating the hair in a protective layer, nurturing it on the inside while reflecting the negative influences on the outside. Henna leaves your hair flexible, vigorous, glossy and voluminous.

Using henna

It even helps your hair to recover from the effects of chemicals used on it. Henna can be used over and over again, leaving your hair healthier every time. It is suited to every type of hair.

Hair colour
While chemical-based hair dyes can colour your hair in every colour imaginable, Henna has a more subtile effect. It highlights and brightens the natural colour of your hair, making the endresult look more natural and better suited to your person. It is therefore not possible to lighten your hair using henna, for instance going from brunette to blonde, because Henné Color does not contain any aggressive chemical bleaching agents.

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