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Henné Color: henna-based hair care and hair colouring

For healthy and shiny hair, repair of damaged hair, or natural hair care, you best use Henné Color. Henna forms the base of all our products. It is a plant-based produce with lots of good properties to bring and keep your hair in optimum condition.

Hair colouring

Henné Color specializes in natural hair colouring using henna.

Henna powder, available in 7 colours, gives your hair a long lasting colour. The plant-based ingrediënts are responsible for beautiful, natural tones. The colours can be combined together, to reach a wider colour palette.

Colouring cream, or crème colorante, is a colour rinse, available in 12 colours. This colouring shall fade gradually, usually in 4 to 6 shampooings. Repeated use will cause the colour to last longer.

Hair Mascara Express Touch is available in the same 7 colours as the henna powder. This is a short lasting colouring to use locally on small strands or outgrowth. It is easy and fast to apply, and can cause fun effects. It is also an uncomplicated way to camouflage your first grey hairs.


Colouring your hair using henna products results in a playful touch. It accentuates the natural highlights in your hair, to make them pop out.

Henna builds on the underlying hair colour and structure. The resulting colour will therefore differ from person to person and will give you an unique and amazing outcome. A henna colour treatment produces stunning, natural hair colours.

None of our products contains bleach, thus making it impossible for the outcome to be lighter than your underlying hair colour.

Henné Color product range of hair care products, with henna powder, colouring cream, shampoo and hair masks
Complete range of Henné Colors auburn hair colouring and hair care products

Hair Care

Additionally, Henné Color offers several products not for colouring, but only for hair care and hair repair. These products contain a base of neutral or non-colouring henna. This allows you to profit from the beneficial properties of this plant witout colouring your hair.

Our shampoos are suited to all hair types. It is mild on your scalp, cleans your hair and profides ample nutrition. Shampoo Neutre is suitable to every hair colour, while the other 7 colours are composed specifically for coloured hair. You may also choose the one that matches your own hair colour, for instance cuivre, acajou or auburn for redheads, blond doré for blondes or brun for brunettes. These shampoos will support your colour.

Balsam Conditioner detangles, and softens your hair. Using Henné Color's conditioner will also supply it with all the nurishments necessary. In addition to the well known uses of conditioner, this balsam can be used supplementary to our henna powder and hair repair mask treatments. It smoothens the application and helpss the prepared paste cover your hair evenly.

Our hair repair masks help your hair recover from damage, such as fragile or limp hair and split ends. They bring it back to peak condition and return its natural protections. Regular use keeps your hair glossy and vital.

Henné Color

All our products contain plant-based ingrediënts in order to best care for, repair or optionally colour your hair in a natural way. They do not contain damaging agents, like PPD, Bleach, Parabens, Ammonia or Oxidants. With over 40 years of experience, Henné Color is a reliable brand and offers products of consistently high quality.

Our most important ingrediënt, Henna, helps to repair dull, spiritless and damaged hair, and forms a protective layer that will further protect your hair from damaging elements like harsh weather conditions. Our henna is 100% organic in nature, and is produced and processed with utmost care for the environment. It is not a chemical product that quaranties a certain colour. Henna builds on the properties already present in your hair, like your underlying hair colour and structure. Chemical agents, such as perms, bleaching or continuing use of medications, will penetrate deeply into your hairfibres. There they may influence the henna, and with it the resulting colour. It is important to pay careful attention to the instructions for use.

With this in mind: henna is an incredible ingrediënt, praised for many centuries for its benificent qualities on your hair. Using henna is simply very healthy for your hair, which will been seen in the results! It is therefore not a coincidence that we have many happy and loyal users throughout the world.

Henné Color's hair care and hair colouring products are carefully composed of the very best ingrediënts. Everything is carefully tested in independant laboratories, to guarantee a high quality and reliability. Our products are not tested on animals.

Henné Color :

  • No Oxidants
  • No Ammonia

  • No Parabens

  • No Bleach

  • No Resorcinol

  • No PPD

  • No SLS or silcones

  • No Heavy metals

  • No Synthetic fragrances

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